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New Year.

Hello earthlings! It has been 3years since i wrote my last post here. (but deleted) wah. 3years duh. Well now, i'm starting a new feed. New life. New year. I used to write nonsense posts, that doesn't even make sense and way too annoying. When i reread that again... literally, i cried. I can't believe that how on earth i can be so stupid before. Hahaha. But now, no more~ i'm 18 this year. So i need to leave everything behind. My childishness. My annoyingness. Everything. New me!
Now, it is 2:00AM.

I still can't stop myself from writing here. Why now, sya? You need to sleep. Sya, sya.. syaaaa!! oh. Okay. Hm.


To be honest, i can’t find word to describe how thankful I am to Allah. I know that i'm really nothing without Him. After all the things i had gone through, even though sometimes I questioned His plan and tend to go astray... but. He's always there to protect me. Alhamdulillah, i finally realized that i really have a good life. Surrounded by caring and lovely people around me, i'm way too happy. Mama and Papa. The biggest blessing in my entire life. No word could describe how much i thank Allah for giving them to me. Not give, borrow. Sorry. And all the things i have now. Ya Allah, i'm too grateful.


Actually, it is hard for me to move on and forget everything. About him. It may take years to fully recover. No matter how I try to be okay and pretend not to care at all... But in fact, only Allah knows. Reminiscing the past, i think i have made a huge mistake which was unforgivable to me upon myself. I care too much. I trust too much. I love too much. But end up, that 'too much' hurts me. So much. I'm trying hard to move on. But still..... hm.


Okay. Kembali kepada caca yang sebenar. Sorry, english aku ni kadang tunggang terbalik jugak. Jangan tegur. At least i tried. Eceh. Konon protect diri sendiri. Eh. Dulu post aku kat blog ni just pasal kpop, crush, dan hidup aku..... aku. aku. aku. rasa macam nak padam memori tu. Stupid me. Me stupid. Eh, tak baik. Caca pandai. Pandaai~ Menyedari bertapa fanatiknya aku kat kpop dulu... Haha! Now, i'm still a kpop fan, tapi tak segila dulu. Cuma stan satu group, Seventeen. Not going to stan any group after this. Cukup satu ni je dah buat duit aku melayang. Kini aku hanya mampu berhuhuhu sambil melihat duitku melayang. *sedut hingus* *lap air kat hujung mata* be strong, dear self. *letak tangan kat dada*


Aku harap aku akan lebih kuat untuk 2017 ni. In order to achieve my dreams, i need to face unbearable tests from Him first. Banyak lagi aku perlu belajar, ubah. Banyak lagi yang aku belum lalui. Banyak lagi. This is just the beginning. Ya Allah, please protect me. Don't let me go astray.

Pesanan dari diri sendiri untuk diri sendiri. Caca, please stay strong. The pains you're going through now, will give you happiness later. Don't give up. Please.