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Hai. Assalamualaikum. Hahaha. Kinda miss blogging, tho. I used to be an active blogger back then. But I’ve deleted all my posts. Due to some reason, that I can’t remember it clearly. so… should I active again? Hahaha. Nono. Don’t expect too much. I don’t even have time to look after my cat.  (insert rolling eyes emoticon) eh no lah. I’m busy woman now. I still remember my last post, it’s about my PMR result. But now I’ve entered college. Lol. Imagine how long dah…? 3 years? Kot?

This blog used to be my online diary. For god sake I wrote every single thing that happens in my daily life back then. Reminiscing it back, gosh. Am I that crazy. Yelah, pasal nyamuk gigit pun I freaking wrote down into this blog. Even pasal crush lalu sebelah pun sampai buat an entry about it. HAHAHA. Shh, zaman jahiliyah, please undersand :’) but then makin dewasa, makin matang lah. (yeke matang?) …

Back then, I used to think “lepas habis SPM mesti best. Bebas. Nak buat apa, nak pergi mana mana, mesti tak de siapa halang dah.” But when I’m at this state, I can’t find any of the freedom. Yet? But at some point, ada lah bestnya jugak habis SPM. Because right after SPM, I started to work. At Secret Recipe. As a chef (so called chef lah) puih. That’s the reason I’m so good in cooking. If your mom is looking for a daughter-in-law, I can be a good one. :3 lol jk. 

Actually I want to share my experience as a college student. As a matriculation student, specifically. But later lah, I’m lazy to write. HAHA. So, there goes my very first post after the very long hiatus. Haha. I'll update, anytime i feel like. Thank you for reading. You're cute! :p So, till we meet again, soon.  

baby it's alright. I'll call you mine. :)